Rosenwall Classic Fold


Rosenwall Classic fold is our mid-size wallet.

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The Classic Fold leather wallet is a mix between new style and classic design. With it´s double seems it looks simple but yet so elegant. Just like with all our other classic line models The Classic Fold is made from 100% pure leather. This ensures the quality of the wallet and makes sure the leather can hold up for many years to come, if you treat it well even a lifetime. If you are looking for a foldable wallet that has a great design, but at the same time comes with a superb quality leather this is the choise for you!


The story behind The Rosenwall Classic Fold:

We came up with the idea of this design during our stay in Italy. We spoke for many hours with the designers that we hired for the Rosenwall project. It was after that we decided that we where going to do something different from the other brands. That´s when we came up with the double seam design. We decided to go with semianilin leather, as that is the best looking option for this model  at the same time as it brings quality with the protective coating that we use.


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