Rosenwall Classic Holder

Modern touch on a classic wallet design

About Rosenwall

Premium leather wallets made in Florence Italy - designed in Stockholm Sweden.

When creating luxury wallets and working with premium material, you need to work with true professionals who give their own sweat and blood working with the leather to create perfection. Each item has its own uniqueness and is created with such care from their maker. Staying true to the material, the feeling of the leather, even the smell, it’s what’s make these wallets premium accessories. No shortcuts, just pure quality.



Classic Fold - 799 SEK 

Classic Hold - 599 SEK

Classic Large - 999 SEK

We guarantee only the finest quality of Italian leather

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Rosenwall Classic Large

Rosenwall Classic Large is our full size wallet. This wallet is equipped with enough storage for a complete night on the town. Keep your phone, receipts and extra cash separately in the three big pockets, including a single one with a zipper. Store your cards in the twelve different sockets including two different see through ID sockets


Rosenwall Classic Fold

Rosenwall Classic fold is our mid-size wallet. Just like our other premium wallets this model made from Italian leather. We cautiously pick the highest quality of calfskin before handcrafting them into perfection. This wallet is a classic folded version with plenty of space for your cards, recipes, and cash.